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Refer a Friend - Get 1 Month FREE!

We now have a way for you to get FREE months added to your HeidiSongs Streaming Video subscription! If you refer a friend that signs up with your personal referral link (see below), a free month will be added to the end of your current subscription!  For example, if your subscription is set to expire on the first of May, and your friend subscribes with your referral link, then your subscription expiration date is automatically moved forward to the first of June! 

There is no limit to how many people you can refer! You could invite parents to subscribe, for example, to help support their child’s classroom! If ten parents subscribe, you get an additional 10 months using the HeidiSongs Streaming Video website, for FREE!  That's more opportunities to Sing, Learn and Move during the school day, and at home! Think of the possibilities for your grade level, and school, to join a program that has proven educational benefits and is fun for both the students and their teachers! Or invite your school's PTA to help develop a program for your grade level or all the primary grades at your school! Do you have parents with little ones in preschool or home school, invite them too! Grandparents or local daycare providers that you know, just pass along your unique link and rack up the extra time for your own account! 

This is a fully automated system, provided by our streaming host, so you don't need to spend time emailing or calling us to get your free month, it is automatically added the day your friend pays for their first month!

Here's how to get your personal referral link:

1) Log into your HeidiSongs Streaming website account - You must maintain a current HeidiSongs Streaming Video account to qualify for this offer!

2) Click "Profile" in the top menu - Just below the HeidiSongs logo.

3) Click “Refer a Friend” in the profile menu - This will bring you to a page with your personal referral link (Shown Below).

4) On the Refer a Friend page, click "copy" next to the personal link shown - You can also click one of the "share" buttons to share your link on Facebook or Twitter directly.

5) Tell your friends why you are recommending the HeidiSongs Streaming Video website and post! - That's it!  If your friend tries it out and then makes a purchase, you will get an extra month added to your account! Once your friend enjoys their 30-day free trial and makes a purchase, you’ll see additional information start to appear under Referral History, indicating who subscribed and how many months you’ve earned!