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Pricing - FAQs

Here are the best options for using HeidiSongs on-demand streaming in your classroom or home. Please refer to our Terms of Service for use and limitations:

1) Rent a Single Video Collection - As low as $0.99/month
This rental option gives you access to one music video collection (25 - 30 songs), such as HeidiSongs "Alphabet - Letters & Sounds" or "CVC Word Family Songs," to rent for as little as $0.99/month, with 3-month minimum rental at $2.99. All collections include our Custom Playlist tool, Auto-Play, and Repeat functions that automatically move to the next music video or loop a favorite song! This rental option does not auto-renew, and a new purchase would be required after the 3-month rental period.

2) Special Pricing for Exclusive Collections - As low as $5.99/month for our most popular collections.
This rental option gives you access to our popular "175 Sight Words - Alphabetical Order" music video collection for just $5.99/month or $59.99/12-month rental. We also have many sight word collections for published programs like "Journeys Kindergarten Sight Word Song Collection" for $14.99 for 6 months or "Wonders Sight Word Song Collection" for $29.99 for 12 months. Each includes our Custom Playlist tool, Auto-Play, and Repeat functions that automatically move to the next music video or loop a favorite song! These rentals give you access to the single title/collection for a limited period and do not auto-renew.

3) All-Access Subscription, including every video on our streaming site! - Value Priced at $9.99 monthly or $99.99 for 12 months
This is our most popular subscription option that gives you full access to EVERY video on our streaming site! That's over 700 HeidiSongs music videos, PLUS over 300 videos from our creative songwriting partners, including EduTunes with Miss Jenny, Dr. Anthony "MiSTER B" Broughton, Miss Molly Songs, Deedee Wills, Shari Sloane, Job Jams, and DannyGo!, with more and more music added each year! Every subscription includes our Custom Playlist tool, Auto-Play, and Repeat functions that automatically move to the next music video or loop a favorite song! This option is email alerted, auto-renewing subscription and is charged in month-to-month, 6-month, or 12-month increments until canceled.

**As a FREE bonus for all Rentals and Subscriptions, we have many downloadable, printable activities, games, and worksheets for select HeidiSongs titles. To find these resources, click on a song collection, such as "Alphabet - Letters & Sounds," then scroll to the bottom, and you'll find them under the "Resources" tab, if available. Just click to download and unzip the file!

4) Do you want to use a School or District Purchase Order? It's easy for you or your entire team!
We accept school and district purchase orders, payments from PTO/PTA, school credit cards, and most other grants! Pricing is per teacher and subscription or rental, and each teacher wanting access will get their own subscription and account. If you need a quote for single or multiple classrooms, please email us at quotes@heidisongs.com. Please include each teacher's first and last name, plus email address, on the purchase order so we can properly process the order. Send any Purchase Orders to orders@heidisongs.com, or fax them to us at 909-992-3061, and we will email you when we have received the purchase order. Check out our "HeidiSongs Streaming Purchase Order FAQ 2023-2024" for more information on submitting a purchase order from your school or district!

5) Cancel your Subscription anytime; here's how!
Sign in and select "Profile" from the top menu. Select "Purchases," then scroll to see "Membership," and select "Cancel Membership". Once you click the button to cancel your subscription, follow the prompts to confirm cancellation. You'll receive a cancellation confirmation via email. If you were charged before you were able to log in and cancel, email us within 30 days of the charge and we will issue a refund and confirm your subscription has been canceled. 

6) Deleting Your Account
You may see an option in your Profile called "Danger Zone," which allows you to delete your account. When this action is done, all account information, including past payment, login information, and subscription/rental access, is completely deleted and no longer accessible to you OR us! Once an account is deleted, we can no longer refund any payments, cancel any subscriptions or offer much support! To get access after an account has been deleted, you will need to start from scratch, create a new account, and enter payment information again.

If you have any questions or need help with anything, please email us at info@heidisongs.com, or call us M-F from 8:30-3:00 pm PST at 909-331-2090. You can also Fax PO info to 909-992-3061

7) Don't see any emails from us?
If you are not seeing any emails from us, check your spam and junk folders in case the email ended up there.  Sometimes school email addresses may have filters in place that block our emails from arriving into your inbox. We recommend adding heidisongs@no-reply.uscreen.io email address, along with support@heidisongs.com into your contact list, or searching under that email address for any missing emails. If you still don't see any emails from us, either give us a call at (909) 331-2090, or send us an email from a personal email address instead of school email address so we can help you out.