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Video Playback & Streaming - FAQ's

1) Custom Video Playlist - You can easily create and play a custom video playlist within any song collection! For instance, when using “Sight Words - Alphabetical Order", check the "Add Video to Playlist" box under any video being played and you'll see the name appear in a list, below the movie on the left. It will show the "Song Name", a "Play" icon, "Move-Up" icon, "Move-Down" icon, and "Delete" icon. As you browse and view other videos, keep checking the “Add Video to Playlist” box and you’ll see the songs start to stack up. Move them up or down on the list or delete, as you choose, and these selections will remain in place every time you return to that set of songs! Once your list is complete, TURN OFF the “Autoplay” slider on the right, then hit the "Play" icon on your first movie, and the list will play thru! Add, delete and change videos as you choose for complete control of your classroom curriculum!
Another useful feature is the "Repeat" checkbox, which lets you repeat any video as it plays until you uncheck or select another video. 

2) Autoplay from one video to the next - This feature is useful if you'd like your videos to move from one song to the next automatically, but only when you're NOT using our custom Video Playlist feature! 

3) Song Collection Favorites and Continue Watching features - If you've rented a set of songs that you have trouble finding again, just highlight the little heart & "Add to Favorites" just below the main video and it will sort to the top of your Home page, to help you easily get back to the right set, every time you log in. There is also a new feature called "Continue Watching" which will show the last couple of song collections played for easy navigation.

4) Distance Learning, what options do I have for my classroom? - I would like my students to have access to my HeidiSongs streaming account, is that possible? Yes, for teachers that teach online, we have reset user privileges to allow multiple sign-on access to a single streaming account. To do this, contact us and we'll help you get set up. While it may be tempting to share your email and password with a student or parent, this gives them access to your account information, which could disrupt your password and other critical features, including cancellation! It's best to be safe and have us set up a classroom account for your students to use, while you maintain a HeidiSongs streaming account!

5) Sharing Videos - There is a new “Share” button on our video interface, but it does not share videos or embed links like you might find on YouTube or Vimeo! This button is a feature of our host, UScreen, and actually does not work how any of us would like and we are unable to turn it off or hide it! Currently, there is no way to share our videos without an active account on our HeidiSongs streaming platform. This is also the case if you are copying and pasting a URL link to Google Slides/Canvas/Seesaw or other teaching software, there is no way to share these videos without an active account. Instead, the URL link will open up our streaming site, prompting the user to log in. 

6) Playing Videos on your Television - If you have an iPhone or an Apple computer, you can use AirPlay to stream videos to your TV. If you have a modern TV or an attached set-top box or player, you might even have a web browser option that will allow you to log into our streaming site directly!

7) Compatibility issues - We occasionally hear of schools and school districts limiting or filtering general internet access, so be sure that check with your tech support to "whitelist' our site at "https://heidisongs.uscreen.io/". Additionally, we have heard that some brands of Smart Boards have issues with their "touch compatible" software, so be sure to test all your board's features during your free trial.

8) Deleting Account - You may see an option to delete your account when logged in. When this action is done, all account information including past payment, login information, and subscription/rental access is completely deleted and no longer accessible to you or us. Once an account is deleted, we are no longer able to refund any payments or cancel any subscriptions. To get access again after an account has been deleted, you will need to create a new account and enter in payment information again. 

If you have any questions or need help with anything, please email us at info@heidisongs.com, or call us M-F from 8:30-3:00 pm PST at 909-331-2090. If we miss you, leave a message and we'll call you back as soon as possible.